look 14 October 2018 at 20:29

mosaic blush

Good evening beauties, how are you today? this evening I want you to talk about teese faboulus blushes. I love them. So ready?

These blushes are compact powders formed by the mix of three colors perfectly matched as a mosaic, to be combined during the application so as to obtain a unique shade. I love so much these blush for many reason. First of all  The texture is silky so it is very easy to modulate on skin: the product does not lose any dust when it is removed or applied to face. The pigmentation is good for me. The product doesn’t  immediately get an intense effect the blush is light and lumionus, but is sufficient to take the powders even once more to accentuate the color on the cheeks. It doesn’t form color spots, but it can be modulated according to the effect I want to give to the face. The duration is good. In my skin it lasts about 7/8 hours without losing intensity. There are four shades: n ° 20 All You Need is Pink and 30 Kissed by the Sun lightly warm the face, while the other two are more intense. I use the lighter shades for morning only to give life to face. While the oter in the evening to give colour to my skin. The mosaic blushes are approved.  For me is a very good product, especially for the price so cheep. I love these blushes for me it are must have and i am very sorry that they came out of production. I hope essence will change is mind.




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