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Colour up! Shine on

Hi girls, good evening. How are you ?  Hope everything well. Today i want to say you my impression about the amazing lipsticks Colour up! Shine on of essence. I tried 3 shades for a month and now i want to share with you my opinion about them. The pastel is able to color the lips well. The colors are bright, have good pigmentation and writing. More applications increase the colour’s intensity of the lipstick. In addition they give color and revitalize the lips. The stick allows a quick and easy application and the product, with a comfortable texture, is well fixed on the lips, without drooling. They are brilliant creamy lipsticks that do not have extraordinary resistance but are doing pretty well. They need some tweaking after eating to revive the color but they are very comfortable on the lips, in fact they do not feel on the lips, do not dry lips and leave them soft and creamy. They do not drool during the day remaining quite homogeneous for a few hours. I try the 06, 05 and 07. What do you think about these lipsitcks? What is your favourite? Do you preferre matt , glitter or glossy lipsticks?



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