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Nailpolish at work

We sometimes forget that not every color nailpolish is appropriate for work. Let’s take it color by color:

Yes! Absolutely. Most shades of red, from pinks to burgundies, are fantastic, professional choices that will absolutely compliment your professional attire. For traditional, non-controversial colors like red, go with shellack and keep your nails looking beautiful and polished for up to a month at a time. There are so many gorgeous reds and red-to-pink shades to choose from, and, as we said, you basically can’t go wrong. My personal favourite is ‘ 14 do you speak love? ‘

While any level of bright orange won’t work, a pale orange (we’re thinking salmon or coral) would be very pretty in summer. Keep it matte versus shiny, and wear it sporadically so that you’re not defined by your “wild” or unusual nail color. As much as we love fashion, we also love our jobs, and we don’t want to risk our reputation or the impression we leave simply on account of some nail polish that’s going to chip as soon as you do the dishes.

Nope. No way. Tacky (we’re going to go ahead and say stay away from yellow even on the weekends) and not even a little office appropriate. Perhaps if you could find a soft, pale yellow that verges on white, you’re OK, but in that case you may as well just go white, as it’s more flattering for almost all skin tones and unquestionably more serious and professional.

We searched high and low for a green tone that would be appropriate for the office, and we’re coming up short. Green is not quite as intense as yellow, but it’s still a bit cavalier and a little too out there for any office setting we can think of.

Blue is tricky. This is not a color you want to whip out on your first day at the office–or even in your first year. Over time, depending on your office setting and what you have going on that week (i.e., no court or client meetings or other professional occasion), a pale blue (that borders on grey or lavender, perhaps) could very well be office appropriate. We do love blue nails–and if it’s the right blue it can be a super chic look, particularly with gold jewelry–but this is one where you have to use your judgement, and if any part of you is hesitant, don’t do it. No shellack on this one either. The right blue for a few days is fun and unique; a whole month of blue is a little much.

Barney purple, no. Lavender purple, yes. The lighter and more subdued the purple, the better. And a week rather than a month is preferable with purple, too. Check out ‘21 a whisper of spring’

All shades and tones of white are lovely for nails and absolutely office worthy.

As with yellow and green, we’re going to have to go flat out “no” on black nail polish. The goth vibe really doesn’t go in an office setting. With that said, there are various shades of grey that are not only office appropriate, but they are also a nice combination of subdued and unique. I use ‘46 black is back’
Personally – I am a HUGE Essence South Africa fan. Every single nailpolish I use is purchased from Clicks or bought online from Takealot. Make sure to get your own and also try out some fancy nail art

Much love xx
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