review 28 June 2018 at 21:12

Kiss the…

Hi everyone!

Been a while but my beachelor’s study takes time… but luckily i’m here again. I’m back and i managed to get my hands on all the kiss the… lipsticks! The PH worth of your lips decide which color your lips get. They are all pretty and i swatched them all here for you!

They all have a pinkish purpelish color but it depends on the PH worth of your lips so they may come out diferend on anyone. The colors of the lipsticks self look a little heavy and shocking but it isn’t the color you’re gonna get on your lips. So don’t worry😹! The lipsticks i swatched here are kiss the…






-Black cat

Update: a new kiss the… lipstick has joined the family which is ‘kiss the… balck sheep’! This one will also be shown when i find the time. 

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