look 17 November 2018 at 11:05

Xmas with Essence!

Hi beauties! Xmas is almost there and these are my must haves for this beautiful time of the year!

As you can guess, i really love trend editions and i always wait for the xmas ones. My favourite one was the Merry Berry and i was a bit disappointed the last year, but the new trend edition ho!ho!ho! has really catch my heart!

My favourite item is the eyeshadow palette, full of colours perfect for the autumn but also for a xmas dinner! It fits perfectly with the Xmas Factory gold eyeliner! Then, i have to bought the gorgeous highlighter brush, matching the Merry Berry highlighter.
I also decided to try the stampy set: i really love nail polishes but i’m not so good in nail art. I’ll try this very soon with the Merry Berry purple nail polish and the Xmas Factory golden one.

And what about you and you Xmas look?  

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