random 22 September 2018 at 11:41

Essence palette!

Hi beauties! Here I am with my collection of Essence palette, i’m so proud  and yeah, i love eyeshadows so bad!

Well,i have to say that once i used to have three more palettes: the two night club, the blue and the purple one, which i finished some time ago. They were my very first eyeshadow palette and i simply loved them. They were so small and cute, perfect for my summer holidays!
The other one missing was the all about paradise, that got lost when i went to Spain  

Now, if i look at the picture here above, i’m really happy that Essence made even bigger palettes, with so many beautiful colours and a stunning packaging! I love the brightest shades (and all the blue and purple ones, as you can see). Also the quality improved really well: the boldest colours are well-pigmented, not only the nudes, and i feel free to create so much more looks!
Today I’ve also bought the two fall back to nature palettes (my first face palette!), but i think i’ll show them to you at the end of the year, when i’ll collect the best trend editions of 2018!

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