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update: eye highlights

hi beauties,

as promised, i am going to continue to share my update highlights with you – this week, it’s all about the category “eyes”! so, are you excited to hear more?

the new “melted chrome” eyeshadows are super cool: they come in 6 different colours with an intensive metallic finish. the texture is ultra-soft and bouncy, and the pay-off is amazing! with these eyeshadows, you’re sure to bring your eye make-up look to the next level!

however, my absolute highlights are the three new eyeshadow palettes: “beyoutiful”, “follow your heart“ and “follow your daydream”! they have a gorgeous paper packaging with super cute prints and each contain 9 eyeshadows with a pigmentation that’s out of this world! you should definitely take a closer look at them, i just can’t decide which one is my favourite.

there are also some changes to the “eyeshadow box“ range – the “mermaid” and the “moon” palettes will sadly be leaving us, but there are new additions to the range with the ”be an original” and the “make your own magic” eyeshadow boxes. in my opinion, each one has its own individual charm – i love the bright shades of the “be an original“ version,  but i also love the pastel combinations in the  “make your own magic” palette! you’re already familiar with the pay-off and the texture of the “eyeshadow box” range, so i’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

in addition to the eyeshadows, there will also be 4 (!) new mascaras! incredible or what? two new
“i <3 extreme” mascaras are joining the collection: a brown version (which is fantastic, especially for us blondies or when you’re going for a subtle look) and the new “curl & volume” with a huge brush that’s already super exciting just to look at!

and there’s finally news on the waterproof front, too: the “volume hero” mascara, which you probably already know, is now also available in a waterproof version for days at the seaside or (even if it seems unlikely at the moment) in the pouring rain!

last but not least: “i need a miracle” is the name of the fourth new mascara. it has a specially shaped brush (it’s called a peanut-shape) and contains a tinting complex that gives your lashes a slightly darker colour.

have i managed to arouse your curiosity? which new products are you looking forward to the most?

see you soon with the lip highlights!

your Cosma

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