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preview: girl squad

hi beauties,

it’s time for another trend edition preview! this time, i’ve got a really special te in store for you: “girl squad”!

the “girl squad” te is this year’s brush edition by essence, and i’m sure you’re looking forward to these limited gems just as much as i am!

with 10 different brushes as well as a make-up sponge set, this trend edition ensures the perfect application of make-up and co.

all of the brushes have soft synthetic bristles, so they’re perfect for blending and working the make-up into your skin. the design is totally awesome, too! each brush has a different look, and together, they look like a cool girl gang. it’s such a sweet idea, i’ve never seen anything like it.

each brush is unique and has its own character. it’s like you have your very own group of supergirls to help you with your make-up.

the brushes have super funny names, too! for example, “soft sophie” and “precise paula”!

there’s also a cool transparent make-up bag, so you can store all your brushes together and take them along wherever you go!

of course, i’ll present the brushes in more detail as soon as they hit the stores in march.

how do you like the te and the design of the brushes? which limited must-have is your favorite?

lots of love,

your Cosma


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