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my only 1

hi there, my fellow beauty-holics,

since you already loved the first update highlight that i presented – the new tools – i’m really excited to find out what you think about the two little gems in today’s blogpost: the “my only 1” palettes.

the new update offers two palettes with this name – one for the eyes and one for the lips!

they contain 22 different shades each to ensure gorgeous and individual looks!

the “my only 1” eyeshadow palette “22 eye-catching looks” lives up to its name: it includes matte as well as shimmering eyeshadows in the most diverse colours – from subtle nudes to bright blue or turquoise! i think it’s great that there are so many options united in just one palette, it’s super practical!

the “my only 1” lipstick palette “22 ways to kiss” offers lots of lipstick colours and the cool thing is that you can combine them to your heart’s content. this way, you can create your very own personal shades and there’s no limit to your imagination. the palette also has a little mixing zone so it’s easy to mix the different textures.

which one of the two palettes is your favorite?  do you love the idea as much as i do? so much variety in just one palette!

i’m looking forward to your feedback!

lots of love,

your Cosma


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