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boys & girls

hello beauty-holics,

there’s one trend edition after the other right now! this time, we’ve got something special in store for you: the first ever unisex trend edition that essence has ever launched on the market! the products aren’t just for us girls, but for boys, too!

have i aroused your curiosity? then let’s take a closer look at this te:

i think we can all agree that lip care is a must, right? the “boys & girls” trend edition includes a lip balm and a lip peeling – use both in combination to guarantee super soft and pampered lips.

hands are also an important topic to me! hand care is absolutely essential if you want to avoid dry skin and cracked cuticles in the wintertime. this te offers a fantastic 4in1 nail file – with four different sides for perfect nails. you can use it to effortlessly shorten, shape, smooth and polish the nails! there’s also a great “nail & cuticle treatment”, which you can apply on your nails and cuticles to regenerate and nourish them.

and if that isn’t enough care for you, you should check out the sheet mask in the “boys & girls” trend edition! it leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft, pampered and moisturized. of course, it’s not only for girls, but for boys, too!

care isn’t the only thing that’s important to girls and boys alike, so are make-up basics! these include concealer, fixing powder to mattify the skin and a transparent gel to shape the brows.

you will find all of the above in the trend edition! the duo with camouflage cream concealer is ideal for covering small impurities of the skin and dark circles underneath the eyes. the texture is easy to apply and blend with natural-looking results.

the transparent “mattifying & fixing powder” is suitable for all skin tones, refines the appearance of the skin and ensures a matt look – for a flawless complexion!

the “lash & brow mascara” with transparent gel brings your brows and lashes into the desired shape and lasts all day. now stray little hairs won’t stand a chance!

how do you like the idea of offering unisex products? what is your must-have in the te?

see you soon!

your Cosma


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