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trend factory

hi my dear beauty-holics,

today i have some long awaited news for you – because all essence-fans already know what to expect in february: the big essence update! and that means a lot of new products & must-haves to try out.

just like the last few times, there will be a trend edition for the update so that you can get some of the highlights in stores a little earlier. this time, it is called “the trend factory” – sounds really promising, doesn’t?

let’s take a look at the products together and see which items are the absolute must-haves in the new essence update:

you can definitely look forward to the new eyeshadow boxes – eyeshadow pallets with a super cute design and an incredible great pay-off! the texture of the eye shadow is so buttery and soft, and it has an absolutely amazing colour-dispersion, too! i fell in love with it straight away. you can try the first two in the “trend factory”: the “million nude faces” with beautiful nude tones and the “in love with rose” with magical rosé and burgundy colours. the design of the packaging tells short stories and is super cute. so, what do you think, have i made you curious?

the new “glow like a mermaid” highlighter is also a product for all the packaging fans amongst you: the different colours and the mermaid embossment turns it to an absolute eye catcher. when you mix the different shades, the result is a gorgeous, multifaceted glow, which sets beautiful highlights – especially in the springtime.

another big highlight in the coming update are the “get your glitter on” products – a whole range that revolves around glitter! this is sure to make every girl’s heart skip a beat, right? you can try out the first 6 glitters and pigments with the “trend factory” te! you should definitely combine them with the “glitter primer” as your base, because this will make the pigments last longer; it’s also available in the te.

you can rely on the “glitter & pigment” applicator for a perfect application. it is part of the new tools range, the “sili helpers” – they are here to help with various stages of your make-up routine! and just look at this stunning packaging – white and rosé gold? i love it! the new tools from essence are simply amazing!

the “get your glitter on” range includes many more products. one example are the “tattoo you – body tattoos,” which will also be available in the “trend factory”. the sweet doodle-tattoos were voted by you – so you can look forward to your favourite images. the tattoos are easy to apply & let you create an individual look.

all of these products will be joining the standard range starting mid february, in case you don’t find anything you like in the trend edition.

which product has instantly caught your eye?

i can’t wait to show you the other newbies!

lots of love


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