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bring on the lashes

hi beauties,

as you know, you can look forward to one trend edition after the other in the world of essence! there’s so much to tell you about, i can hardly keep up!

today, i’ve got the next preview for you. in addition to the super cute “wood you love me?” trend edition, the “bring on the lashes” te is also coming to stores in january. i’m really excited because we’ve never had a trend edition like it before!

the name “bring on the lashes” says it all: a variety of false lashes are here to conjure-up extravagant & expressive eye make-up looks! these lashes are an absolute must, especially for carnival!

on top of various black lashes –for example, in a “glamour“, “drama” or “doll” style – there are also colorful lashes with different themes: now you can go for a mermaid, leopard or fairy look, too! everyone is sure to find something to suit their taste 😊

all lashes come with a lash glue, so you can apply them straight away! now there’s no limit to exciting make-up!

what do you think of this idea? which lashes will you go for? personally, i can’t wait to get my hands on the mermaid lashes with sparkling sequins!

i’m really looking forward to your feedback!

lots of love

your Cosma

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