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hello loves,

winter is slowly settling in – the first christmas markets are already open, and i’m sure that it won’t be long until the first snowflakes hit the ground! has it snowed in your area yet?

the winter & especially the christmas season are amongst my favorite times of year. i love the bright lights, and the reflective & unique atmosphere! this time of year really makes us want to do good – for our friends, our family and even for strangers.

that’s why i’d like to call your attention to the #mynails4charity initiative by essence. this year, we’re supporting a great organization called “off road kids”, which helps homeless children and teenagers, and aims to support them with a view to their future to reduce the level of homelessness in the long term. i think that this is a fantastic mission – so many children and teens don’t have much family support and here, they can get the help they need.

how can you get involved? it’s really simple! to go with the season, i’d like to ask you to create a wintery nail design and post it on instagram with the hashtag #mynails4charity.

for every photo posted with this hashtag, we will donate 5€ to the organization “off road kids”!  

we’ll also be raffling great prizes amongst all uploads each week. after all, we want to give something back as a thank you for your support!

i would love to see you all of you join in & i can’t wait to see your nail designs!

you’ll find more information about the initiative and the terms of participation for the raffle here.

lots of love,

your Cosma

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