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preview: counting stars

hello my dears,

today, i’d like to introduce a new trend edition! you’ll find the products from the fabulous “counting stars” trend edition in stores from december to mid january.

here’s a little peek into the product world of the te so that you’re perfectly prepared!

the “star lipstick” in the trend edition is really cute: it comes in a unique star shape and is available in two gorgeous colours for a glamorous look: the red shade and the bold purple are both ideal for a striking make-up style on new year’s eve!

if you want to make your lips stand out even more, reach for the “star shot” lip topper in the te. it contains iridescent pigments that reflect the light and make the lips look fuller! it can be applied on top of other lipsticks or worn solo – whichever you prefer!

there’s also a gorgeous highlighter for your cheeks, and it has an extraordinary texture: the “jelly highlighter” with a special memory texture is easy to blend and practically melts into your skin to ensure a perfect glow for new year’s eve.

nail fans can look forward to three new “magic mirror” nail pigments – in principle, they are just like the awesome “metal shock” nail powders from the standard range! they are available in three cool effects and are sure to turn your nails into absolute eye-catchers! there’s also a matching “water-based topcoat” in the te to set your designs in place.

of course, that’s not all this amazing te has to offer, i’ll present the rest of the products soon.
i can’t wait to hear which of the products i’ve introduced today are your absolute must-haves!

lots of love,

your Cosma

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