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cubanita: part 1 – theme selection

hi beauties,

today we’re starting a new series of blog posts, which i hope you’ll find just as interesting as i do! i was given the opportunity to talk to the product developers and many other creative heads at essence and ask some questions about how trend editions are created. now, i would like to give you a little introduction into the essence world of product development. since it is always easier when you use a practical example, i have chosen the upcoming “cubanita” trend edition to explain how it all works.

first, i’m going to tell you all about the theme selection. after all, this is the first essential step in a long development process. a trend edition always has a specific theme and the products are chosen to match that theme.

and, of course, that’s true of the “cubanita” trend edition, too: the theme cuba is wonderfully summery and lively, which the essence trend edition team was super excited about. at the beginning of 2016cuba was introduced on many trend portals, so there was plenty of inspiration for the te.

the process of developing the “cubanita” trend edition really got started in july 2016 – so almost a year ago –  with the compilation of the so-called “mood board”: first, the trend edition team get together for a theme selection meeting to take a close look at the latest innovations and trends, and then they discuss which themes should be considered for a new trend edition. isn’t that exciting?! lots of different factors have to be taken into account and they all contribute to the love of detail and playfulness that you see in the trend editions when they finally hit the stores.

the “cubanita” te was inspired by the bright colours of cuba, the houses of havanna and the colourful cars that the island is famous for. but the trend edition team also wanted  the cuban love of life, the music and the sun-kissed complexion of cuban beauties to be reflected in the products.

all of this inspiration is integrated in the colour scheme, which picks up on the many facets of cuba. i think that the team did a really great job with the “cubanita” trend edition:

there are gorgeous pink shades that stand for the colourful house-fronts and bright looks, a bright yellow, which stands for the sun and is, of course, also reminiscent of the banana. the turquoise tones in the te stand for the ocean, the blue sky and the palm trees, and the sand tone obviously stands for the beach! do you suddenly feel like going on vacation? i certainly do! the colour scheme is divided into design colours and product colours – yellow, for example, is only used as a design colour because yellow cosmetics aren’t all that popular. pink, on the other hand, is an all-time favorite and can be found in the nail polish and the lip lacquer! the trend edition team explained to me that it is important to consider whether it is even possible to generate products in the desired colour scheme because not all colours are really feasible as a cosmetic product.

the team chose palm trees and the banana as the central design elements of the trend edition. you will find them on almost all of the products (i love the palm tree embossment on the highlighter!)  and they are a perfect match for the cuban theme! the make-up bag with the “livin‘ la vida banana!” lettering is sure to put you in the mood for a vacation!

now the foundations have been set for the trend edition: the colour scheme and the theme have been finalized and there are already some design elements, which will be seen throughout the products in the collection.

i think the whole process is super exciting and i am totally fascinated by the insights that i got from the essence trend edition team. as a next step, i plan to tell you about the product development. stay tuned!

how do you like this blog post? are you interested in learning more about what goes on behind the scenes at essence?

i’m looking forward to reading your comments!


your Cosma

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