essence studio nails xxl nail thickener

bianca banares
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12 April 2013 at 22:52

Hey girls! I just bought a new essence strengthner for my short, brittle nails.
I have put it on, but I want to know if it works or not. If not I’ll return it

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Veronika Patyková
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16 April 2013 at 15:05

I like Essence’s base coats. I like to alternate different types and they all work good for me. When I had extremely weak nails, I was using the Ultra strong nail hardener and it worked good, so I guess this one will be good too.
But you can’t expect that you just put the nail polish on and your nails will be suddenly strong and healthy just like that… It takes much more time for damaged nails to get better. Some good nail polish care is just one thing. Then you also need to moisturize your nails and hands with hand balms and oils, drink a lot of water, don’t put your hands in too hot water, don’t bite your nails, nor use them as a tool etc… there’s so many things you should do if you want to have strong and healthy nails 😉