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22 January 2020 at 21:19
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I want to be Essence makeup tester

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They don’t hire testers ,however I received a mail a while ago asking if I would mind purchasing itself (which I did) & reviewing it for them on my blog and YouTube. To be honest it isn’t expensive so it isn’t like Clinique or Dior asking you to buy some of their products to benefit them & their products really are good, I’m in the process of trialling the foundation(all about matt ) right now, it covers acne scars better than any other I’ve used and I’ve used brands from L’Oreal to Laura Mercier to LA Prairie. But essence is really the best out of all of them for staying power and coverage they definitely have my vote, I think if they bring out a matt concealer it will be even better as the matt range is perfect. Sorry if things are misspelt particularly brands I’ve used auto-correct as I typed fast-I admit it, I cheated 😛

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