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18 August 2012 at 18:38

Hey Girls,

What do you think about these things for face? I mean, I haven’t tried it yet, and I saw it at the beauty shop which is really close to my house.
By the way, I am 16, my skin has some acne but I have any pimples (and my skin is half-oily but for summer it is quite mate).

So, I need your tips and opinion about them :))

Thanks, a LOT.

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20 August 2012 at 14:48

If your face is half oily, you should probably try the 4in1 cleansing cream, since it is deep cleansing, pore refining and mattifies the skin.
Next step in your routine is toner. The My Skin toner smells VERY delicious!! A little goes a long way, so apply a few drops on a cotton pad and apply to your skin!
For moisturizer, you should probably go for the mattifying cream! If you cleanse your face after gym or physical education classes, maybe you should take the cleansing wipes with you! I would buy the refreshing ones (blue and green) since they refresh and purify your skin!
Now, to the other steps of your routine! The paper mask is heaven like. I would recommend it if your skin is very bad or if you like to do a mask once a week or once in two weeks to pamper yourself.
Essence added two more products to the My Skin range: cooling eye roll on and tinted moisturizer. If your eyes need a wake up call in the morning, try the cooling eye boost. If you need a little coverage, try the tinted moisturizer.
The My Skin range smells very good and is also very cheap! I definitely think you should try them! If they don’t work for your skin type, try the Pure Skin range!