tes review: a new league & ready for boarding

Veronika Patyková
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21 June 2012 at 14:34

Hi girls!
It’s been a while….^^ Last week I was soooo soooo lucky, I can’t even believe it 😀 I found 2 Essence’s TEs in our town! Two, you know! Two amazing TE’s at once! *faints* That has never happened before! Feels like heaven! 😀 😀 So I’ve decided to make some photos and write few words, if anyone’s interested^^ I just didin’t know in which section should I put it, so I made it here 😳

Photos are a bit bigger and don’t show whole in here, so they can be found here: /forum

1) A New League
First of all I must say that I absolutely love Essence’s eyeliner pens! They are totally amazing! I have all three shades from that Urban Messages TE and love them, so when I saw these brown and black, I had to buy them both! The stay power is pretty great! I’ve already had both of them on my eyes and they stay all day without smudging^^ Also removal is easy, I was a bit affraid of the black especially, but it was ok 😉
– Then the soft touch eyeshadows – those are totally perfect!!! Beautiful, pigmented shades, no smudging, no creasing, easy to apply and they stay so looong!! I had a little problem with removing I must say 😀 The black eyeliner was already gone, while these eyeshadow was still on my eyelid! 😆 Pretty great investment into these eyeshadows! 8)
-Next one is multi colour bronzing powder – I love the design, there are 4 shades totally – white, light nude-brownish, medium brown and dark brown – you need to be a bit careful while applying, assure to have mixed all the shades, because the dark brown is really pigmented! So mix well, wipe a bit on your hand and then apply^^ It’s really smooth, lovely bronzing colour in the end^^ I think this is also great for many skin tones, since you can practicaly mix your own shade^^
And the last thing I bought from this TE is the lovely green nail polish in 04 Tommy’s favorite green, I haven’t had this polish on my nails yet, just tried the shade on a paper, but I saw some reviews on the Net and fell in love with this one, so I had to buy^^

2) Ready for boarding
This TE is totally awesome too! So what I got:
– All 5 shades of nailpolishes – Oh my, I love those colour so much, absolutely gorgeous summery pastel shades! So vibrant and bold! Totally recomend to buy! Coverage is amazing even with one coat. I’ve tried them all, just forget to take a pictures 🙁 But you can surely find on google if needed!^^
– Next the eyeshadow palette – 6 beautiful, bright and shimmery shadows in a stylish box <3 Pigmentation is quite well, I was surprised^^ and the shimmery effect is so nice, especially while on sun! Easy to carry with you, with applicator and also a little “tutorial” 😀 on the top…
– Another is lip & cheek creme – Awwwww, love this product!! Both shades are so adorable, very creamy, smell beautifuly (to me at least, I love sweet-smelling make-up^^ The pigmentation is aslo amazing. For your lips it’s enough just to gently tap on for a sweet rosey look and as a blush it aslo works perfectly for me! I aplied with my fingers one day, and with a blush brush the other day. Works perfectly with both fingers and brush!^^ I’m in love with these two, really <3
-And last, but not least: 2 in 1 kajal pencil – again I’ve bought both shades and again I love them so much! Especially the blue-yellow 01 destination sunshine – the blue is absolutely gorgeous colour! All 4 shades are really well pigmented (on my photos they are somehow dull, in reality it’s beautiful, bold colours!) As kajal pencils they do smudge a bit, but you know, it’s quite usual^^
Hope you didn’t get bored a lot 😀
Soo, all in all I would totally recomend you to buy all these amazing products! If you can get your hands on it and like those colours, products, don’t hesitate^^
I’ve noticed many of you don’t go here so often now (me too :oops:), guess it’s probably exam time as well as the beautiful weather these days, holidays etc.! 🙂
So I’m getting back to studying and you have a wonderful day beauties! *-*