colour and go nail colour-viva la green

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6 November 2011 at 01:24

hey girlies!
well first of all-shelf appeal!
this bottle is a gorgeous colour-a very bright turquoise!i wasnt sure it would look the same on my nails though!
first coat impression!
the colour spreads perfectly-not too thin,not too thick.the colour is exactly the same as the bottle!i was delighted with this as sometimes nail colours can be a disapointment!
there was a little chipping around the tip of the nail but that was it!the chips were tiny so they werent very noticable.they were easy to fix byjust lightly covering the chip!
final verdict!
this nail varnish is a beautiful bright colour,good for short nails and long nails!it dries fast and leaves a smooth finish!there is very little chipping and it lasts a good while!

hope this helps!xxxxxxxxxxx:oops: