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Veronika Patyková
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30 October 2011 at 15:10

Hello everybody!

I know I’m a bit late with this post, as I promised it soon and now it’s been over 2 weeks ago I got the products. It’s all because we’re currently painting every single room in our flat and there’s a big mess, furniture and stuff everywhere, Internet connection off for few days…Well, really confusing, you know 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the end of this!

However, Internet’s back and I have a minute right now, so I think it’s finally time to come through my promises. So today I’ll write a little bit about the Pure skin Anti-spot toner & powder.


Girls, I love this product, really. I use it daily in the morning before putting my make-up on and evening as the final step of my cleansing process before I go to bed (of course then is also cream, but I don’t count it into the cleansing section.. ). I have combination skin (I think :D), since I have oily T-zone and dry (sometimes really very dry) cheeks and the rest of my face. And this toner works really good for me. It’s gentle, my skin is clean and soft after application. And the great thing is that powder into this toner, which makes my skin mattified where needed and at the same time the other parts of my face aren’t dried up (you know this unpleasant feeling of tighten skin after using some products). All you need to do is shake it well before using, because the powder is settling down in the bottom. It’s also a bit perfumed, the smell is quite nice, not too strong, harsh or unpleasant. I think some of other Pure skin products smell the same like this toner, as I remember, the PS Anti-spot 4in1 cream wash had the same smell, so you can imagine if you own this 🙂

Well, this would be probably all I can say about this product. I think it’s suitable for oily and combination skin, even for sensitive skin, cause it’s really not aggressive. So if this fits for you, I can only recommend you this toner 😉

Hopefully I’ll write soon about other of the products, it’s just a bit difficult with the time now…
Anyway, have a wonderful day!!