how to get excess nail varnish off skin

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27 July 2013 at 18:08

Hey everyone! This is my first post.
Okay, so everyone’s had a little bit of nail varnish on their skin because maybe it dripped on or you swiped too far to the left. Anyway don’t worry, this will get rid of it.
1. Go to a sink and fill it with hot, soapy water.
2. Dip your hands in.
3. Get a nail brush and rub it aganist the varnish (Make sure your nail varnish is 100% dry because if not it will rub off your varnish)
4. They should be done after 10-15 minutes (Depends on size of spilled varnish)
1. Do not try and pick the excess varnish off by nails because that will most likely cause hangnails.
2. I’d do this 1-2 hours before you go somewhere because there is no way of knowing how long this will take.
P.S I got this tip off Wikihow and I changed it around a bit 😛
P.P.S My own nails need this 😳 !!

Veronika Patyková
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6 August 2013 at 18:45

When I get nail polish on my skin, I usually use the Essence nail polish corrector pencil or Q-tip dipped in polish remover and clean around my nails 🙂 Or sometimes when I don’t have it with me or don’t have the time for it, I also noticed, as you say in your post, that later when I go to the shower, it’s really easy to remove the nail polish on my skin 🙂 It just peels off and it’s done 🙂 So it really works, nice tip 😉