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9 October 2011 at 14:48

We already have Sunny’s tips, witch is for beauty tips, this is a bit differend.
Sunny’s Work Shop /WS in short/ is the place, where I will show you how to make all kinds of differend stuff. In this one we are going to make a nice and simple one sleeve blouse. It’s very easy and perfect for beginers ^ ^
Let’s start by saying what we need:
– 1 meter of fabric of your choice, but it has to be elastic !
– Scissors
– pins
– Sawing machine / or you can do it by hand, but it will take you more time
p.s. Now’s the time to tell you that at the bottom of my post you will see the gif whit all the steps ^ ^

1. You take your fabric, fold it in two /the print has to be on the inside /
2. Place it on you – put the middle part /that’s fold it/ next to your left side. Your arm shoud go on on top. Like you arewrapping yourself in it.
3. put the right part over your right showder and just pin it. Let the other part of the fabric loose.
4. Go to your waist and pin the two sides of the fabric together.
5. Now go to where you want the blouse to end and do the same.
6. Take a pen and just mark all the places whit pins.
7. Take of the fabric
8. Take a pen:
– draw a line between the waist pin and the edn-of-the-blouse pin.
– go to the top right corner of the fabric and draw a line – around 6-8 cm., on eye.
– draw a line from the waist pin, to the end of the line you just made
/ look at the gif, it will make more sence.
– draw a line on the bottom, where the blouse is going to end
9. Cut out on the lines you just made
/ look at the gif/
10. Now we get to the sawing part.
– Open the blouse, now turn in a little part from the bottom. about 1 cm – do that along the whole bottom part – sew it
– Do the same to the top part
– Now fold it back. Look at the top part, see where the pin and pen mairking are ? Remove the pin and sew everything from it to the end of the fabric /this is your sleeve/
– Now sew from the bottom to the waist pin/marking
– Then from the waist to the end of the sleeve .
– Turn the end of the sleeve, like we did whit the ends in the begining and sew it.
11. Wear it ^ ^

p.s. It took me more time to write it down, than to do it ^ ^

Smile more often ^ ^
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