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23 February 2020 at 14:23
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which book are you reading right now?

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Veronika Patyková:

Oh Hari, you got me with that Zigzag book! I googled it and I love it, but it’s not available anywhere here :bang: :bang: :bang: I love this types of book – thriller, kind of detective and horror genres.

So I also like books which can evoke feelings in you, other way I think the book, which can’t do this, just isn’t good…
I really love Poes books for example, he can descibe and express the atmospherics so great that you feel like being in the story and feel all the emotions and fear…
Or once I read Robin Cook’s Toxin and I swear, that after reading that, I’ve never ever eaten a hamburger with meat again! That book was so convincing! 😀

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