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23 February 2020 at 14:55
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which book are you reading right now?

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Aww, i love reading too! Although right now i’m not reading anything, my favourite books are:
Zigzag by Jose Carlos Somoza (it’s so scary, describes every situation so good that I was really afraid sometimes.. I even had nightmares for few nights! 😮 )
Le voile de la peur / El velo del miedo (sorry, didn’t find the English translation=, by Samia Shariff (I cried so much with this book! It’s a real story of a woman living in an islamist country, she was tortured and the story tells how her life is and how she tries to escape.. and i won’t say how it ends 😛 but omg.. is impossible not to cry with this book!)

I like books that make me feel something.. fear, sadness, happiness.. If they don’t touch my soul, I don’t like them..

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