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galaxy nails - easier than ever!

hi beauties,


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omg looks amazing!

Evinde Evinde : I will have to buy the icy fairy shade : D

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Duochrome Gold Eyes With Smokey Lashline | Essence Hello Autumn Palette

I wanted to show you at least one makeup look featuring the Essence Hello Autumn products.
Here I am: the focus is on the lovely duochrome shade as a lid colour, and the smokey lower lashline that I created with the Hello Autumn kohl kajal. I used every shade from the palette as well.


Evinde Evinde : I wouldn't actually recommend it because it is not very dark, stains the skin, so if you're a beginner with eyeliner, it will be a problem, and also the tip is too "soft", and it isn't moist enough to create a fine line after a few uses. Try the double ended one, if it is still available.

ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omglooks amazing, I really wanna buy that superfine eyeliner, I was scared it was too fine for a winged eyeliner, but it isn't!

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cool prizes!

hi beauties,


VicLovePurple VicLovePurple : I would take my glowing wand, which makes an amazing atmosphere. It makes me happy and I have got wondeful memories then. I think this is a perfect accessory for huge events icon_smile.gif It iridesces in lots of colours, shine so beautiful! This looks nice in the dark. I love this and I think this is my must have! I hope this is will be an accessory in essence's trend editions! lovely!

parisbaby parisbaby : I have on gold necklace one little charm disk with gold and pink combination i think this is very cool for the musik Award this is very important for me when i go to the MTV Award

Azazella Azazella : but! if i would just be one of the fans and no one would notice me in the crowd i would just go all out on glitter glitter makeup and nails and bright hair and my clothes in black/pink i think icon_razz.gif

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Essence Hello Autumn Eye Pencil | Review + Swatches

Today's review is dedicated to a beautiful warm toned eye pencil from the Essence Hello Autumn collection. Let's see:


ashley20 ashley20 : Cool prizes

ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : OMG looks great!

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Hello Autumn Prize

Hey beauties!


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : It COULDNT HAVE TAKEN A MONTH, as she announced the winners on the 2nd, so 18 days for me, so like 2 weeks, still impressive!

Thanks U 2!
The pic wouldn't uplaoad, I had one. Ugh!

Artycraftylove Artycraftylove : Wow yours only took a week?!!!! Mine took a month lol! Have fun with ur prizes!

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hi beauties,


ashley20 ashley20 : Congrats beauties!

Artycraftylove Artycraftylove : Wow thx soooo much!!
Hahaha I just received my prize from the last one a few days ago and now again!!!

Thx SOOO much cosma!

PatryBerry PatryBerry : WOW this is the first Essence Giveaway I win!

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perfect tips!

hi beauties,


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omg so awesomeeee

Azazella Azazella : nice!

emiram emiram : amazing brush!!!