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hi beauties,


ashley20 ashley20 : wow cool products i waiting for august icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif

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like a mermaid...

hi beauties,


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : THAT LOOKS TOO COOL!

Elf Elf : These are propabluy the first nail stickers I would actually like to buy! They look sooo cool! icon_smile.gif

Azazella Azazella : cool!

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the big lamp!

hi beauties,


NatalieDouka NatalieDouka : It's out of stock now icon_frown.gif

ashley20 ashley20 : thats cool icon_biggrin.gif

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the joy of anticipation is half the fun!

hi beauties,


Azazella Azazella : really curious about the holo looking bottle!

Ehlany Ehlany : I can't wait! But it looks so far nice on the pictures!

ashley20 ashley20 : thanks Elf icon_biggrin.gif i love Essence Quiz so much icon_biggrin.gif

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the aquatix display is here!!!

hi beauties,


Azazella Azazella : awww wish it was available in the netherlands icon_frown.gif the bnail polishes look really pretty on this picture!

Dafnessence Dafnessence : Wow! I love the multi-effects nail polishes!!! I definitely want the '01 mermaid's secret', the shade is amazing!!

VicLovePurple VicLovePurple : an awesome collecion icon_smile.gif

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protect your sunglasses!

hi beauties,


Elf Elf : I just use an ordinary sunglasses case, whatever works icon_smile.gif

sweebie10 sweebie10 : Such a good idea!

ashley20 ashley20 : wow thats cool icon_biggrin.gif

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Go on a road trip with Essence !

Hi beauties !
I receive my prize draw from the trend edition "Road Trip"


Innerbeauty Innerbeauty : Looks awesome, my favourite probably would be the nail polish icon_wink.gif

NatalieDouka NatalieDouka : Great review, I know now what I'm getting from this t.e. icon_wink.gif

Cosma Cosma : thanks for your great review, lolarobin!