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enchanting prizes!

hi beauties,


Snowflake31 : Dear Cosma!

It's a fantastic giveaway!!

If I were a fairy for a day, I would give fresh clean water and food to the people of Africa.

Thanks for this chance, because this TE is so lovely! icon_smile.gif

butterlicious butterlicious : If I were fairy for a day , I would sprinkle fairy dust on my friends and give them the gift of flying. Then we could fly like birds and have lots of fun for the day.
Beautiful trend edition icon_smile.gif.

goodgirlbadgirl goodgirlbadgirl : thats cool COSMA I Love The Giveaway I love the Trend Edition and Fairys To! I am on Firy Day By Day and I make the makeups for Essence Products Hidden Stories To! icon_biggrin.gif

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Essence polish review

Hello there gorgeous essence friends!


GleeTree92 GleeTree92 : Thank you girls icon_biggrin.gif <3

TinaFisher TinaFisher : Love 💕 thanks for the post. Wish they were available in my country.

ashley20 ashley20 : cool colour! icon_cool.gif

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they're finally here!

hi beauties,


Dafnessence Dafnessence : I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the 'lips candies' and the new 'lash princess mascara'. ❤

ashley20 ashley20 : wow i am corious the news! icon_cool.gif

TheQueenC TheQueenC : Lip candies are so attractive to me, i will get them all!

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new brushes!

hi beauties,


ashley20 ashley20 : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my lovelys <3 <3

Elf : I never had an opportunity to buy those limited brushes AND I'm a total junkie when it comes to Essence brushes, so I'm on cloud number nine icon_wink.gif

JaniceT JaniceT : The current Kabuki brush and the blush brush are amazing! I have just re- purchased the Kabuki and will be buying the new one as well 😍

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bye bye, special effects!

hi beauties,


ashley20 ashley20 : i love this products icon_smile.gif

TinaFisher TinaFisher : So many beautiful polishes are leaving. That's a shame icon_frown.gif

butterlicious butterlicious : I have got the Glow in the night top coat, it is great.
I heard the entire gel nails at home range os leaving as well icon_frown.gif(( . I just got the mini led lamp and the 2in1 clear peel off top coat for Xmas and I love it so much. It is the best product ever!

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Essence Effect eyeshadow creams: Review, swatches and comparison!

The Essence Effect cream eyeshadows have been available since last summer, and they will be discontinued this month. I photographed them in July, so I thought I might as well write the review now, before they are gone.


ashley20 ashley20 : super colour icon_cool.gif

TinaFisher TinaFisher : Fab review! Thanks Evinde.

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in the mood for nude!

hi beauties,
the absolute mega beauty-trend of 2015 is called nude! that's why we're heading into the year with our trend edition "i love nude", which i already told you about. today, the display finally arrived in our office and - what can i say - i love it!!!


ashley20 ashley20 : i buy ALL! icon_cool.gif

NailLicious NailLicious : Very pretty. I need every product.... Will be saving too.

JaniceT JaniceT : Absolutely fabulous 😍 I am very keen on the eye shadows. Shimmer eye shadows can easily look tacky, but you can never go wrong with nude colours.

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hi beauties,


ashley20 ashley20 : Congratsssssssssssss! icon_biggrin.gif

NailLicious NailLicious : ThankS a million Cosma!

GleeTree92 GleeTree92 : Congratulations girls! <3