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you will love it!

[b]hi beauties,


ashley20 ashley20 : i love it all! icon_cool.gif icon_cool.gif icon_cool.gif

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the new sheer & shine lipsticks!

hi beauties,


Elf : I'm mad for lip products so I love them icon_biggrin.gif

ashley20 ashley20 : thtas cool i love it all!

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hi beauties,
evey city has its own hot spots where you can relax and chill with your friends. the new trend edition "urbaniced" captures this spirit and takes all "places to be" by storm from september to october 2015. the collection is inspired by sporty street styles and cool looks. it offers a contrasting world of colours with bright shades like pink, fuchsia and blue as well as darker shades such as grey, mud and black. the products come in lots of exciting textures. the street style eyeshadows, for example, have a slightly rough "asphalt" texture and the blush has a fashionable splash design on the surface. you also have to check out the lip cream - it comes in a cool tube with a small applicator for an accurate application. thanks to the top coat, you can give your nails awesome grafitti styles and two limited fragrances exude a touch of city flair. while "like an uptown girl" stands out for stands out for its light yellow fruit and floral accents, “like a downtown girl” convinces with dark berries and sensual notes.


Dafnessence Dafnessence : Astonished! Amazing TE! I love essence fragrances. 💕 Hopefully they will be availble in my country.

Iloveessence14 Iloveessence14 : This looks amazing!! I can't wait to try those products out!

ashley20 ashley20 : Oh I Love It ! <3

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lip news!

hi beauties,


ageediamond ageediamond : liquid lipstick looks amazing

ashley20 ashley20 : i waiting ALL! <3

MissDoll MissDoll : I think I will love them all but for the everyday use I think the Sheer & Shine lipsticks will be for me

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bye, bye effect lip gloss!

hi beauties,


ashley20 ashley20 : i love it all! icon_cool.gif

maadz. maadz. : I would lite to try a third lip gloss (from left). It's color witch I like and it become to me icon_wink.gif

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the new palettes!

hi beauties,
you may have already seen that we will be taking the "all about..." eyeshadow palettes out of our range during the next update. but don't despair! they will be replaced by a completely revised version!
thanks to the soft and long-lasting texture, you'll be able to create various styles with a wow-factor in awesome new colours and with even more combination options. each palette has been given two more eyeshadows, so you now have the choice of eight perfectly aligned shades - ranging from lighter nuances to medium and dark tones. the all about NUDES, BRONZE, GREYS as well as the new eyeshadow palettes ROSES and VINTAGE convince with special colour highlights and different matt, shimmering or metallic effects.


ashley20 ashley20 : thats cool! <3

Mirmur : I regulary use All about nude and All about romance palettes, so I think I will try out the new palettes, too. icon_smile.gif

Cosma Cosma : hi elf, we host the blogger events regionally here in germany but if you send me a personal message with your country of residence, i can give you the contact details for your local distributor - then you can find out if they also have a blogger distribution list or events! icon_smile.gif best, your Cosma

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DIY #2

Hello Girls,


ashley20 ashley20 : thats cool <3

Cosma Cosma : that's awesome! i love it icon_smile.gif your Cosma

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hi beauties,
i recently presented our latest trend edition fun-fair with its fresh pastel shades and summery, light textures. if you haven't managed to get your hands on these awesome products yet, don't despair! you've got a chance to win 1 of 3 product sets in our prize draw.
here's how you can enter: tell me in a comment underneath this post what you love most about fun fairs by the 26th of july, 2015.
do you like eating candy apples or roasted almonds, or maybe a thrilling ride on the bumper cars or do you prefer the ferris wheel?
good luck, beauties!
your Cosma


ageediamond ageediamond : good things about fun fair?
reminded me my childhood - I had amazing time with my parents - coming back to this memories always make me smile!
having cotton candy that was a real treat that time icon_smile.gif

Belladonna59 : Hello! icon_smile.gif

What I like the msot about fun fairs?
SWEETSicon_smile.gif : cotton candy, huge lollipops and big bubble gums icon_smile.gif

Thhanks for this game!

NailLicious NailLicious : What I like about a fun fair is that I can be a kid again and do kids stuff I normally don't get to do. I love the thrill of a good roller coaster ride but also the big bouncy castles. Candyfloss and mars bars in batter deep fried are things you can only find at the fun fair icon_wink.gif. Super cute trend edition.

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think pink!

hi beauties,


Elf : My favourite lip roducts are often pink!

My beloved lipgloss is from 'Rock out!!!' TE and it's vinyl shine lipgloss in 01 best pop. On the other hand my favourite lipstick is essence longlasting lipstick in 12 blush my lips icon_smile.gif

ashley20 ashley20 : i love this colour and this gel nail polishes to! <3

shiruvia shiruvia : Love pink!!! i have almost all kind of pink nail polish!!!