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perfect tips!

hi beauties,


ashley20 ashley20 : thats cool icon_biggrin.gif

Artycraftylove Artycraftylove : OMG I love it!!! Can't wait till it comes to shops locally! I hope it will cuz as more peeps know I am obsessed with nail art!

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My Hello Autumn Prize Just Came!!!

OMG thx so sooo much cosma! The prizes are amazing!! I love how they are really nude and natural, but also stand out!
I literally got everything I really really really really really wanted from the selection!!
The three nail polishes I got were the exact three I wanted! I've always wanted a nude polish that goes really well with my skin tone, I'd been searching EVERYWHERE for one, but now the polish has come to me! Literally!


ashley20 ashley20 : Congrats!Gorgeous Prize! icon_biggrin.gif

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rock star effects!

hi beauties,


ashley20 ashley20 : OMG cool nail polishes icon_biggrin.gif

emiram emiram : wow! i like all shades!

Iloveessence14 Iloveessence14 : The black one is so cool! I love it!!

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Long time no post!

Hello my lovely friends!


GleeTree92 GleeTree92 : Thank you girls ^^ icon_biggrin.gif

ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omg the nails are beautiful! Welcome back! icon_smile.gif

ashley20 ashley20 : wow super nails i love it icon_biggrin.gif

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our hand balm winners!

hi beauties,


Innerbeauty Innerbeauty : Congrats to the winners!! They are very lucky. I was really hoping to win this one but oh well, guess I see if I can find them in the stores icon_biggrin.gif

Iloveessence14 Iloveessence14 : Congrats beauties! icon_smile.gif

lolarobin lolarobin : congrats !!!!!!!

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Essence Hello Autumn nude thermo nail polish - review and swatches

I received my Hello Autumn prize today, and I would like to thank Cosma and Essence for the beautiful prize. : ) On that note, I am going to post my other reviews regarding this LE, continuing with the nude thermo nail colour. Let's see!


Evinde Evinde : Glad you like it, girls. : )

Iloveessence14 Iloveessence14 : That's such a cute shade! So gorgeous!

ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : OHHH I love this, if I see it in stores, I'll consider buying it!

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absolutely unique!

hi beauties,


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : I haven't seen this TE in stores, I don't wear blush daily, cause I'm naturally blushes, but when I do, it's an Essence blush icon_wink.gif

MarianMG MarianMG : I haven't seen it in stores yet, but I love it!

ashley20 ashley20 : super product icon_cool.gif

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for gorgeous nails!

hi beauties,


elzebubas elzebubas : Whoah that is seriously cool!!

ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omg I want this so bad!!!

DounaGe : I WANT IT <3

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fresh in!

hi beauties,


GleeTree92 GleeTree92 : I want dem polishes! <3 When's it coming to Croatia?

ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omg this looks great Id love to try the blush, as Essence makes the best blushes icon_smile.gif

ashley20 ashley20 : so cool trend edition icon_biggrin.gif