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perfect lips

hi beauties,


Azazella Azazella : that's really handy!!! didn't know it existed

ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omg I actually need to get the AHHH!

PatryBerry PatryBerry : I love this lipliners!!

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Beauty and fashion blog

Hey guys!


ashley20 ashley20 : super colour

beauty blog

merry metallics!

hi beauties,


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omg looks amazing! I want the gold! And the green... And the red......

sparkleon sparkleon : This looks amazing! Hope we get it in South Africa

ashley20 ashley20 : oh really love all colours! icon_cool.gif

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hands up!

hi beauties,


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : I have one on my desk and another in my school backpack

ashley20 ashley20 : this 3 hand cream i have all my bed my room i buy two package all handcreams thats cool fragrances! icon_biggrin.gif

ebria : One next to my bed, one in the kitchen (I use it under the rubber glove when I wash the dishes), one at the front door and one in my backpack! I don't think it's too much... icon_biggrin.gif

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New manicure using essence polishes :D

Hello friends!


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omg looks amazing

ashley20 ashley20 : cool nails icon_biggrin.gif

c00kie c00kie : I love ur blog! And I'm from Croatia too! icon_smile.gif

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EMAzing goodies from Essence!

Dear beauty friends


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : Omg those looks EMAzing

ashley20 ashley20 : Congrats! I wish have a fun the products icon_biggrin.gif icon_biggrin.gif

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‘Rock out!!’ goodies

Hi, essenceholics!


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : The lipglosses look divine

ashley20 ashley20 : Coool Porducts icon_cool.gif

c00kie c00kie : Nice review! I love the cream eyeshadow that I received. icon_smile.gif

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Marimekko inspired :D

Hello my lovely ladies!


ashley20 ashley20 : super nails icon_biggrin.gif icon_cool.gif

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christmas countdown!

hi beauties,


Mirmur : Wonderful trend edition!

Azazella Azazella : wow such a beautiful display!!!! <3

ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : I think I'll go for the ever-fab lipsticks!!

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longlasting love…

hi beauties,
you just can’t help falling in love with our longlasting lipsticks. they give your lips intensive color for hours on end without drying them out. the light, creamy formula feels super-pleasant on your lips and covers them in lots of irresistible colors! from bright pink to intensive red and trendy berry to subtle nude tones as well as an awesome black – you’re sure to find the shade for you! the embossed essence-logo on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a color-coded ring in the color of the lipstick are absolute eye-catchers. are you as in love with the longlasting lipsticks as i am? which one’s your favorite?
your Cosma


ForeverBeautiful ForeverBeautiful : I also think it's coral calling, my sister has it. I hope to get these beauties in the future!

happiness96 happiness96 : I think the last one's called '01 coral calling'!

maadz. maadz. : and the last one?